Coronavirus Crop Circle

Pranksters? Or are aliens trying to tell us something. Make up your own minds! A 200ft-wide crop circle shaped like a Covid virus has mysteriously appeared in a farmer’s field this week. The unusual crop formation was discovered on Friday in the Wiltshire countryside – the county said to be the epicentre of crop circle … Read more

Life with Long Covid

The term long-Covid (also known as long-haul or long-tail) is not an official medical term. It is used by people suffering symptoms of the virus for longer than the official WHO-endorsed two week period, which is meant to be long enough for the virus to come and go. Sufferers report a huge spectrum of problems … Read more

Wear a mask or dig a grave!

Face mask rebels in east Java have been ordered to dig graves for coronavirus victims as punishment. Eight people who refused to wear face masks in Gresik regency were made to dig graves at a public cemetery in Ngabetan village. The people being punished did not participate in funeral services but two were assigned to dig … Read more

What is Long Covid?

Most people who  become ill with milder forms of COVID-19 are expected to recover in around 2 weeks. But an increasing number of people say they experience symptoms months after the initial illness is supposed to have worn off. This is being, dubbed “long COVID,” and has puzzled doctors, scientists and left those affected feeling … Read more