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Cytokine storm

An overreaction of the body's immune system. Cytokines are small proteins released by many different cells in the body.  Diseases such as covid-19 and influenza can be fatal due to an overreaction of the body's immune system called a cytokine storm.

As with many Covid related terminology Cytokine Storm is relatively new

The first reference to the term cytokine storm in the published medical literature appears to be by Ferrara et al. in 1993 in a discussion of graft vs. host disease; a condition in which the role of excessive and self-perpetuating cytokine release had already been under discussion for many years.[11][12] The term next appeared in a discussion of pancreatitis in 2002, and in 2003 it was first used in reference to a reaction to an infection.[11]



Cytokine Profile and The Cytokine Storm

The newly emerging COVID-19 is continuing to challenge medical health systems all over the world and the scenario is still getting worse. The COVID-19 poses an increasing threat to humans with a fatality rate of 6.4 % so far (4). COVID-19 infection is accompanied by an aggressive inflammatory response with the release of a large amount of pro-inflammatory cytokines in an event known as “cytokine storm.” The host immune response to the SARS-CoV-2 virus is hyperactive resulting in an excessive inflammatory reaction. Several studies analyzing cytokine profiles from COVID-19 patients suggested that the cytokine storm correlated directly with lung injury, multi-organ failure, and unfavorable prognosis of severe COVID-19 (16, 2024).


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