Wear a mask or dig a grave!

Face mask rebels in east Java have been ordered to dig graves for coronavirus victims as punishment.

Eight people who refused to wear face masks in Gresik regency were made to dig graves at a public cemetery in Ngabetan village.

The people being punished did not participate in funeral services but two were assigned to dig each grave.

Cerme district head Suyono said: ‘There are only three available grave diggers at the moment, so I thought I might as well put these people to work with them.


Made to dig graces for not wearing masks
Made to dig graves for refusing to wear a mask

In Cerme, authorities give those caught flouting mask-wearing laws the option of paying a fine of 150,000 rupiah (£7.80) or accepting community service, the district’s leader, Suyono said. Most people have opted for the latter, the leader told CNN.

While this has largely seen people engage in cleaning duties, or public exercise such as push-ups, Suyono said he hopes assisting with grave digging will show show “firsthand the real and serious effect of Covid-19”