Coronavirus Crop Circle

Pranksters? Or are aliens trying to tell us something.

Make up your own minds!

A 200ft-wide crop circle shaped like a Covid virus has mysteriously appeared in a farmer’s field this week.

The unusual crop formation was discovered on Friday in the Wiltshire countryside – the county said to be the epicentre of crop circle tourism –¬†as the start of the new crop circle season begins.

Pictures of the detailed design, found in an agricultural barley field and said to measure approximately 200ft by 130ft, were shared on social media.

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Researchers of crop circles have linked modern crop circles to old folkloric tales to support the claim that they are not artificially produced.[13] Circle crops are culture-dependent: they appear mostly in developed and secularized Western countries where people are receptive to New Age beliefs, including Japan, but they don’t appear at all in other zones, such as Muslim countries.[76]

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